Big D20 Gaming: Kingmaker

Session 3

Kingmaker: Stolen Land

Dreymore stumbled into the party’s camp early in the morning, partially drunk. It was a pleasant meeting, though he chose to gloss over why, exactly, he felt the need to explore on his own. He told of several interesting things he noted in his map, including a gold mine and a massive old sycamore tree which was apparently home to a bunch of Mites. He also explained that Oleg told him that some bandits had made off with his wife, Svetlana’s wedding ring. But the party recalled that the bandits had mentioned something about being attacked and robbed by Mites.

And so the party set off towards the Old Sycamore Tree, to get Oleg’s ring back — after all, he promised a bunch of gold for its safe return. That night, Asher once again voted to take the first watch, and promptly shirked his responsibilities in favor of extra sleep once everyone else was passed out. But as luck would have it, a single kobold bravely attempted to attack the sleeping party. Taziana and Leo were awoken first by the sounds, and moved to attack — but due to the shock of being woken up, missed their marks. Asher then woke up, moved swiftly through the shadows to the kobold, and demanded the kobold surrender. The kobold did so, terrified of the angry man appearing from the darkness with a vicious sword. Asher took the kobold’s spear and broke it over his knee, and marched the kobold into the camp proper.

Leo and Taziana exchanged some heated words, resulting in Taziana shooting an arrow into Leo’s ass, the pain of which knocked him unconscious. Dreymore finally appeared from his tent, horribly confused. Asher named the kobold “Niplick” and named him as official Squire to the party, and threatened the kobold with a horrible death should he ever abandon his post. Noting the chaos currently reigning in their camp, Asher procured an official Balance Corporation Adventuring Party Contract from his backpack, and had the entire party sign. They were now an official adventuring party! He hoped this would be enough to keep them from hurting each other, and to hopefully keep them aligned together for their common goals. As much as he really wanted to know more about his bizarre companions, Asher realized that stopping to swap stories would only slow them down — and potentially bring in conflict, depending on their history.

The next morning, the group came across Tuskgutter’s lair, and promptly killed the legendary hog. Dreymore made lots of bacon, Asher allowed NIplick to use Tuskgutter’s skull as armor, and the party carefully added Tuskgutter’s tusks to their inventory — for a reward when they returned to Oleg’s.

The party crossed a rickety rope bridge over the Thorn River, and made it to the Old Sycamore Tree. A small team of Mites was sent out to attack the intruders, and Asher insisted they simply stand down. All they really cared about was the ring; the party knows full well that they could wipe out the Mites with ease. Yet, the Mites didn’t even flinch as they ran full charge at the party. And so, the party struck down the Mite Welcoming Brigade, and prepared to assault the Old Sycamore Tree. Asher gave Niplick a short sword, and Niplick licked his lips with anticipation of killing some Mites.



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