Oleg's Trading Post



Originally a border fort, Oleg’s Trading Post was established by way of a charter from the Swordlords of Restov in 4709 (about one year before the campaign begins). Oleg and Svetlana Leveton own and run the rather unsuccessful trading operation. Banditry, remote location, and lack of access to a major river have prevented the trading post from flourishing despite Oleg’s keen business sense.


Oleg’s trading post is surrounded by a wooden palisade 10 feet tall. There are 20 foot tall watchtowers at each corner, each containing a broken-down light catapult. Inside, there is a stable, a guesthouse, the Levetons’ home, and a pair of storage sheds. One of the sheds belongs to the PCs. It was built by Ulfen and Dungar to serve as a secure place to stockpile possession that aren’t necessary to bring on the road. Oleg figures that the more stuff the PCs store here, the more likely they are to take an interest in the safety of the trading post. Outside the guesthouse, there are long wooden tables near a cozy fire where meals are served.
A series of preserved heads are mounted on the walls that serve as a reminder of how dangerous this land is. Great bears, boars, trolls, owlbears etc. all give testimony to the bravery of those who could carve a civilization out of wilderness.

Oleg's Trading Post

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