Big D20 Gaming: Kingmaker

Session 2

Kingmaker: Stolen Land

In the morning, Dreymore announced he would be going off on his own to scout the land surrounding Oleg’s Trading Post. Jazianna, Leo, and Asher headed off in a southwesterly direction. On the second day of their travelling, they came upon a wild radish patch, and there were three overstuffed kobolds wallowing amongst the radishes, moaning. The party had some mild interest in learning more about the kobolds, but they rapidly became irrational and hostile, and refused to surrender — despite being practically unable to defend themselves. After repeated attempts to attack the party, the party quickly killed them all and took some radishes to snack on later.

The group then found the Bandit Camp. They began sniping at the guards from the treeline, until a woman wielding two hand axes came out, angry. With all the guards killed, the party subdued and detained the woman — named Kressle. Upon interrogation, she explained that her responsibility was to run the camp, receive shipments of a liquor, and then make sure that a courier would come pick up the liquor occasionally to bring to The Stag Lord (aka the bandit lord.) She also admitted that there were still more bandits out hunting in the woods.

Asher gave her a chance — however brief — to make an argument as to why she should live. But Jazianna’s patience was even shorter, and allowed Kressle a quick, painless death. After grabbing a few bottles of liquor, the party set fire to the camp and moved on.

In the night, they were attacked by a single, stupidly brave bandit, who was killed. In the morning, they came upon the stone ruins of what was once a nice home. Within, they found a boggard, who explained that he used to be a high priest of Erastil, until he screwed up and was cursed to be a boggard. Asher wanted to know more about this curse, but the party had already annoyed the boggard far too much. He offered to describe the locations of other points of interest, if the party would just leave him be. He also promised to vote for Asher as the new bandit lord. The party agreed, and told the party where to find the Temple of the Elk, Tuskgutter’s Lair, and a Tatzlewyrm Den.

The party decided to seek out the Temple of the Elk after Jazianna pointed out there might be treasure. Asher muttered something about figuring out the connection between Erastil, the curse, and the boggard. At some point, Leo excitedly revealed that he would like to turn Haps’ severed head into a creepy lamp.



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