Big D20 Gaming: Kingmaker

Session 1

Kingmaker: Stolen Land

Asher, Jazianna, Leo, and Dreymore all managed to obtain charters giving them permission to explore the Greenbelt region of the Stolen Lands south of Brevoy… provided they accurately map it out and report back. So, they all headed to the edge of the Stolen Lands, to Oleg’s Trading Post…

…Whereupon they immediately set about disturbing Oleg. After establishing that they were all sociopaths starving for adventure and glory, they made a deal with Oleg: If they’d protect him from bandits due to arrive in three days, he’d pay them 100 gold coins, and provide lodging and food for them.

The party bonded over making dark jokes about destroying Oleg, his wife, their horses, the trading post, each other, and the bandits… for three days.

Right one cue, on the morning of the third day, four bandits rode into the trading post. Asher and Jazianna shut and locked the gates, trapping the bandits within the courtyard, while Leo and Dreymore attacked. At first, the bandits were somewhere between mild amusement and slight confusion. But things turned deadly, fast, and the courtyard was soon awash in blood. Two bandits were easily killed. One dropped to his knees and surrendered — earning a merciless arrow through his throat. The fourth withdrew from the combat to surrender as well, and declared that he had information.

He was disarmed, stripped, and tied up, and made to sit in the still-warm pools of blood from his bandit buddies. Asher interrogated him with the help of the others. Under constant psychological anguish and threats of further violence, he explained that he led this party of bandits, and his base of operations is a camp two days away. He never met the Stag Lord personally, but he gets his orders from messengers that arrive in the bandit camp.

Eventually, this bandit begged for death. And eventually, the party granted him his wish. Asher took a silver stag lord medallion from his body, and put it on, declaring – in half-jest – his intent to be the next Bandit Lord.

Oleg happily paid the party, as Leo took the bandit leader’s head. The party pestered poor Oleg – more out of endearment than anything – and decided to explore the Greenbelt the next day, making their way towards the bandit camp.



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